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About Me

Cinematographer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 

 I have been working as a freelancer in the film industry for the past two years and a half, I also have a diploma in Film Production, and I am currently studying Postproduction at Humber college. 

Since my time at Toronto Film School, I have been able to explore multiple roles and positions on film sets such as Cinematographer, Gaffer, Production Designer, Etc. And learned about set etiquette. I also have photography and design background and with this skill I have been able to acquire great knowledge of video production and visual conceptualizations. 

While working as a free-lancer I have covered all the aspects of film production business from creative development and client management to editing and postproduction such as the organisation of bins as an editor assistant to editing and colouring the films. I am very familiar with the activities required to coordinate and arrange the projects. 

Karraa Digital Media



Production Design

Toronto Film School Film festival

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